Our Implementation Process

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In accordance with our vision to provide the best business software experience, grow as a trusted technology partner and transcend your positive expectations into reality; we understand there must be transparency in the implementation process. Our delivery process revolves around combining international best practices with top talent from Cambodia and around the world to serve a seamless extension of clients while honestly availing our technology, documentation, idea, innovation and standards to our client.
Whether you are new to accounting software or need to rebuild your existing accounting software, we can customize an implementation plan specifically for your business. Our service methodology is simple and implementation is straight forward, geared towards simplifying your success:
Project Planning

Requirement Analysis

refers to the stage where we dissect and simplify customers’ requirements. It includes lot of interaction between CAS-BIZ Technology, stakeholders and / or intending users. We find out how they currently perform their duties, learn their current processes and document them effectively. This allows us to identify key areas for improvement and map efficient processes to the software. This step also provides us with an understanding of your organization environment and includes business and systems analysis to help us understand what you need to succeed. We also determine the real value of the applicable solution to your company while taking into account its long term benefits to your business.

Project Planning

Project Planning

refers to the stage where we learn about your business and how you use technology, if you do. It includes business and systems analysis to understand what you need to succeed. At this stage we also determine the best technological solution per case; we break down intricate processes into simpler logic compatible with modern conventional / practices and estimate timeline for completion of your project. We also determine the real value of the solution to your company and how much time and money the solution can save you over a period of time at this stage.

Project Planning

Installation / Deployment

After analyzing and determining the best options in collaboration with the customer, we deploy solution; this includes installing the most suitable application to handle your business. This stage also considers your IT Infrastructure with concerns like how compatible is your hardware? How secure is your network? How vulnerable are your systems to data corruption and / or theft? How convenient are your devices for accessing your data? And so on then we determine if it is better to host the application remotely or in-house? All these and more are determined at this stage.

Project Planning

Data Conversion

may occur if our customer has been using an obsolete application, or very large data archive. In such a case the data has to be converted into a conventional format suitable for modern business accounting software. Sometimes this stage is not necessary, depending on the case data can simply be migrated without conversion. Please click here for more on data conversion.

Project Planning

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Business Process Re-engineering can be daunting task when moving from traditional to automated processes OR from automated processes to better automated processes. Understanding your business at every stage of this transition is extremely important to us as we strive to make the technology work for you rather than vice-versa. At this stage not applicable in most cases, the business process of our client would be tweaked / simplified to ensure compatibility with the very easy software solution implemented by us. For example, if sales reporting were previously done manually and exclusively, this task would be integrated and automated with the accounting solution provided by CAS-BIZ Technology, hence your saved time can be used for other tasks critical to your company. In short, this stage simplifies your business success.

Project Planning

Training and Support

Even after the implementation process, we stay on to train your staff / users. Please click here to read more about our training. Even while your new business technology is working for you, we stay on to support you and ensure your success is simplified to the nearest possibilities. Our installation includes free limited support for 3 to 6 months depending on your project size. For extended support please see Click to see details.

Project Planning

Your Business Success has been simplified

These implementation stages are simplified for the purpose of this page and apply to all services we render as we see customers not only as people who spend for quality delivery, but also as partners. Please click here to contact us for specific case project implementation.