Get room to grow with user control

Enterprise 20.0 Enterprise 19.0 Enterprise 18.0
Easily upgrade or transfer your QuickBooks file to a new computer.
Automatically backup your data reliably and faster than ever.*
Reliably and significantly reduce company file size without deleting data.*
Reliably and significantly reduce company file size without deleting data.*
Reduce paperwork and data entry errors by sending sales orders to mobile inventory scanners.*
Sales Order Management helps empowers employees to fulfill orders faster, and lets you check on sales order status in real time.*
Get the right information for your business with customized inventory reports.
Reduce paperwork and data entry errors by sending sales orders to mobile inventory scanners.*
Get your work done significantly faster with multiple windows open across multiple monitors.*
Easier for multiple employees to work in QuickBooks with new collaboration tools to make switching from multi-user mode to single-user mode easier.
A shortage report lets you know instantly what's missing for assemblies you need to build.
Disallow selling to customers with overdue payments to prevent further sales.
Track the expense side of your business with customizable purchase forms.
Create and edit thousands of sophisticated price rules with the exclusive Advanced Pricing Add-On.*
Customize email templates, attach multiple files to emails, and easily access email history.
Maximum number of simultaneous users.* Up to 30 Up to 30 Up to 30
Capacity to track inventory items, customers, vendors and employees.* Up to 1 million Up to 1 million Up to 1 million
Automatically create purchase orders for needed items from your preferred vendors.
Save time and improve accuracy by automatically assigning default classes to items, accounts or names.
See important tasks coming due or past due in the Calendar view.
Get organized by scanning and attaching important business documents to your QuickBooks records.
Easily select which transactions to run and which to postpone.
Find items in your sales order based on item detail, including custom fields, directly from your sales order, invoice, or sales receipt.
Set a default percentage or dollar amount markup for your items and QuickBooks automatically makes updates.
Add up to 750 different prices in the price level list.
Work in two company files at the same time.*
Multi-currency capability lets you track sales & expenses in any currency you choose.*
Send messages to users logged into the company file with QuickBooks Instant Messenger.
Run and use Enterprise more quickly using Remote Desktop Hosting Services.*
Customize user access to 115+ areas and activities, including payroll.
Always-on audit trail with no slowdowns.
More custom fields with definable formatting to improve data entry and reporting.

Keep your growing data history

Use more accounts, classes, customer types, vendor types, to do's, memorized transactions, and more.
Hundreds of thousands of customers, high list limits.

Manage inventory like a pro

NEW! Easily identify true product costs to make better profit, pricing and sales decisions.*
NEW! Increase visibility into vendor contact, item, and pricing information.*
NEW! Streamline the order fulfillment process by combining pick and pack roles.*
Easily process and track sales order fulfillment—pick, pack, and ship—from a central dashboard and mobile devices.*
Create customized pick-lists to be completed by warehouse workers across multiple locations.
Print labels with scanner-compatible printer.
Track specific inventory items down to the bin location level within one or more warehouses.*
Create your own barcodes and print them to scan or export for a barcode label maker.*
Easily find and locate inventory tasks by accessing your inventory items and reports all in one place.
Conveniently track serial numbers or lot numbers right inside QuickBooks.*
Work in FIFO costing in addition to average costing and landed costing for tracking inventory.*
Maintain reliable inventory counts even when a single order is delivered in multiple shipments.
Track the quantity and value of inventory in multiple locations.*
Change assembly components on the fly and print them with one click.
Build subassemblies automatically with a final build.

See data the way you want

NEW! Improved navigation makes it easier to read reports with jobs and classes.
Ensure that only employees with explicit payroll permissions are able to view transactions and reports.
Find the exact information you need faster with smart search capabilities.
Make reports more quickly and filter them on the fly with new shortcuts.
Quickly find invoices in Receive Payment window with column sort options.
Run, memorize and share fiscal reports through the end of previous month.
Maintain control of your average cost by disallowing negative inventory quantities when you have inventory on hand.
Reduce tedious work by totaling quantities and custom fields, like weight, on sales forms.
Improved reporting includes a cleaner design, allows for multiple reports in an email.
Get a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of your business with insights on the home page.
Stay on top of your jobs or projects with detailed new Job Costing reports.
Save formatting and save time when you export your QuickBooks reports to Excel.*
Access industry specific report templates created by other QuickBooks users.
Create custom reports using ODBC-compliant applications with a direct connection to the QuickBooks database.*
Customer Average Days To Pay and Sales by Ship To Address reports.
Quantity totals on key Sales by Item reports.
Create a Profit & Loss by Class and Sales by Customer Summary report that combines data from multiple company files.*
See business data at a glance with Company Snapshot.
Create customized financial reports with Intuit Statement Writer.*
Excel data import*

Advanced Reporting*

Improved Advanced Reporting includes new report templates, user guides, training videos.
Access all your QuickBooks data
Advanced customization to build any report you need.
Enhanced search and filtering tools - pick and choose the data you need to analyze and report.

Improve cash flow

NEW! Get paid faster by automatically reminding customers when payments are due.
NEW! Facilitate quicker payments by enabling customers to search for invoice emails by PO numbers.
NEW! Simplify customer payment processing by consolidating multiple invoices into just one email.*
Track invoice statuses at a glance to expedite collections and improve cash flow.
Get an instant overview of your money-out in one place with Bill Tracker.
Get paid faster using e-invoicing.*

Save time on everyday tasks

NEW! Get access to enhanced help content and live experts through messaging and callbacks.
Transfer customer credits across jobs, quickly and easily.
View unpaid vendor bills to easily manage payments.
Batch delete or void transactions such as checks, invoices and bills.
Bulk clear your "send forms" queue in one single step.
Automatically copy ship-to address from sales order to purchase order.
Turn purchasing into a two-click operation with improved Auto POs.
Easily ship packages to US and international destinations with integrated shipping through UPS, FedEx or USPS.*
Invoice multiple customers for time and expenses in one batch.
Create time sheets for multiple employees or vendors in one batch.
Add or edit multiple list entries from one spreadsheet view.
View shipping rates, print labels and track packages through UPS, FedEx or USPS.

Anytime, anywhere, on any device access with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting.*

Access QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise from virtually anywhere.*
Simultaneous access for your entire team, including your accountant and your remote employees.*
Runs on any device — PC, tablet, or Mac.*
Terms, conditions, pricing, subscriptions, packages, features, service and support options are subject to change at any time without notice.

Receive up to 55% off of current list price for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 20.0 annual subscription when subscribing by September 16, 2019. For the first year, receive a 20% discount off the current list price when licensing 1-4 users or receive 55% off the current list price when licensing 5 to 10 or 30 users. Starting at sign-up, your account on file will be automatically billed for first year at the stated discount for the service you selected. After first year, your account on file will be automatically charged on a monthly or annual basis at the then-current subscription fee for the plan and service you selected, until you cancel. Offer valid for new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise customers only and cannot be combined with other QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers. Discounts are calculated off the stated pricing above.


Your subscription: Your purchase of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a subscription. After 12 months, your credit card account will be automatically charged the then-current price of the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription every year unless and until you cancel. Cancel at any time by calling 800-300-8179, prior to your renewal date. If you cancel outside of the 60 days satisfaction period you will have access to Enterprise for the remainder of the year in which you paid an annual subscription. The following year you will no longer have access to the product or any of its connected services. We will authorize your card to ensure prompt order processing, resulting in a temporary hold on your account. See Subscription Terms & Conditions.

Monthly Payment Plan option: If you choose to purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise using the Monthly Payment Plan, you elect to pay your annual subscription in equal payments over the course of 12 months. Purchasing an annual subscription for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise commits you to a 12-month term. You must pay for all 12 months of the subscription in full based on the then current rate of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. If you choose to cancel inside the first 60 days, you can opt to receive a refund per the 60-day money back guarantee (see Subscription Terms & Conditions for details). However, if you choose to cancel after the first 60 days and prior to the end of month 12, you will be subject to a termination fee equal to the amount of monthly payments left on your annual subscription. For example, if you pay for 6 months and have 6 months remaining on your annual subscription (which starts at date of enrollment) you will be charged a termination fee equal to the then current monthly fee of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise multiplied by 6 months (remaining months left on annual subscription).

Automatic QuickBooks product updates: Active QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription members receive new versions of our products, along with updates to your current version, when and if released within 12 months of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise purchase date or subscription renewal date. Online access to training is included with each QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription.

Online backup and data protection: Requires internet access for backup, restore and setup changes and comes bundled with Enterprise (as well as Pro Standard, Premier Standard, Pro Plus, and Premier Plus subscriptions). Standalone Intuit Data Backup MSRP $99.95 per year or MSRP $9.95 per month for a-la-carte purchases. Entire PC is limited to 100GB total storage which includes up to the last 45 days of successful back-ups. Data encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Not available to QuickBooks for Mac or QuickBooks Online users. Backup can only occur if Intuit Data Protect is correctly set up by user and should only be set up on a single computer. Latest available version of Intuit Data Protect for your version of QuickBooks is required to ensure proper functioning. Not intended as a file transfer, remote access solution for your QuickBooks file. Intuit Data Protect is not intended as a HIPAA solution and its use will not assist with or ensure HIPAA compliance. Hours exclude occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. Holidays and events beyond our control. Subject to change at any time without notice.

Data Recovery Service: Coverage begins at the time of enrollment and ends upon cancellation of stated term length + 30 days from cancellation date to be able to recover your backup data. In some cases, including but not limited to the damage being extensive, non-recoverable or involving a large Data File, service can result in longer than average turnaround times. Data Services will contact you with expected completion date. For customers using a hosting service, check with the hosting provider for backup and sync options they offer.

For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: QuickBooks-integrated online data backup and restore service requires Internet access and an active QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription. For QuickBooks Online: data access is subject to Internet or cellular provider network availability and occasional downtime due to events beyond our control. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the same encryption technology used by some of the world's top banking institutions to secure data that is sent over the Internet.

U.S.-based expert support for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is available weekdays from 4:00 am - 7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. If support is needed outside these hours, the QuickBooks Core Support team is available 24/7. Support hours exclude occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. holidays and events beyond our control. Intuit reserves the right to limit each telephone contact to one hour and to one incident.

Training: Online access to training is included with each QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription.


Any time, any where, on any device: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting is a subscription and is only available on a monthly payment plan. Additional fees apply. If you purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting user licenses 1-10, you must purchase the same number of hosted users as you purchase Enterprise licenses. If you wish to purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting with 11 or more licenses, please call for custom pricing.

Each month, your account will be automatically charged the agreed-upon price unless and until you cancel. Cancel at any time by calling Intuit at 800-300-8179, prior to your monthly renewal date. When you cancel, you'll be refunded at the date through the end of your current billing period. The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software portion of the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting bundle is an annual subscription.

Right Networks: Support for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting is provided by Right Networks. A valid QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise license code must be provided to Right Networks to receive support. Contact Right Networks to contract third-party software.

Right Networks performs backups of all Hosted data on a nightly basis and retains the back-ups for a rolling 90-day period in a protected offsite facility as an additional level of protection. There is no limitation to the size of a customer's back-up. Customers are responsible for verifying the integrity of the hosted data at least every 90 days. Right Networks employs Snapshot technology to backup customer data. Snapshots are taken daily and then replicated to another physical Right Networks facility for Disaster Recovery.

Right Networks uses top-tier data centers and multiple layers of redundancy within its infrastructure to provide 24x7 availability. However, availability can vary, is subject to occasional downtime and may change without notice. Right Networks encrypts all backup files and backup tapes. Virtual desktop connections are protected via TLS with a minimum of 128 bit encryption and authentication. Each customer has a unique Right Networks virtual desktop. Access to each QuickBooks company file is controlled at multiple layers including file access permissions. Access is locked out after multiple failed login attempts for the same user. Security features, functionality and access are subject to change without notice as deemed necessary by Right Networks. Availability can vary and are subject to occasional downtime and may change without notice. Click here for a list of compatible devices.

Internet connectivity required: Desktop Enterprise with Hosting is subject to availability of a reliable Internet connection. See detailed list of systems requirements, and a list of what RDP clients work with the hosting service here.

Remote Desktop Services compliant: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is Remote Desktop Services compliant. Additional fees may apply. Requires certain hardware, Microsoft Server operating systems, Microsoft Windows Server software licenses, and Remote Desktop Services Server Client Access Licenses, sold separately. For multiple remote users, a Remote Desktop Services Client Access License is required for each user.


Advanced Reportingis included in all QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscriptions. Requires an internet connection.

Advanced Pricing is included in the Platinum subscription only. Requires an internet connection.

Advanced Inventory is included in the Platinum subscription only. Requires an internet connection.

Mobile barcode scanning: Only available in the Advanced Inventory module.

Alternate Vendors Center: is included in the Platinum subscription only. Requires an internet connection.

Barcode scanners: Sold separately for use with Advanced Inventory.

Cycle Count: Only available in Advanced Inventory module.

Bin location tracking: Only available in Advanced Inventory module.

Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship: Only available in the Advanced Inventory module. Shipping subject to terms and conditions set forth by UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Express Pick-Pack: is included in the Platinum subscription only. Requires an internet connection.

Landed Cost: is included in the Platinum subscription only. Requires an internet connection.


Apps integration: Enterprise integrates with more than 200 apps to customize your experience. Additional fees may apply. Some apps may be available from third parties.

Combining Multiple Emails: Combining emails with QuickBooks Payment links are scheduled to become available by early 2020.

Consolidating reports from multiple company files: Company files must all be on the same version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Requires Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 - 2019, or Office 365 (32 or 64 bit). Company files must all be on the same version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Customized financial reports with Intuit Statement Writer: Requires Microsoft Office 2010 SP2 - 2019, or Office 365 (32 or 64 bit). Does not work with Microsoft Office Student Edition or Standard Edition.

Data File Optimization reduces your file size by removing audit trail of historic transactions and a few tables from the database that are not used or needed by the company file.

Intuit Field Service Management: Integrates with U.S. QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscribers receive their first Intuit Field Service Manager user at no cost. Fees apply for additional users. Optional Preventative Maintenance or Time Card Add-Ons must have the same number of paid users as Intuit Field Service Management. If you end your Enterprise subscription and want to maintain your Intuit Field Service Management, please call us to ensure no service interruption. Integration with Google Maps requires a high speed internet connection for the service manager/dispatcher role. Data network connection required for the field tech online functionality.

IIF Imports: The new IIF import applies and data validation logic is applied when accepting new data via UI, closing the backdoor entry for bad data.

Importing bank and credit card transactions: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (as well as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop Standard and Plus) users with an active subscription can download or import data from participating banks. QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier users can download data from participating banks until May 2023. Online services vary by participating financial institutions or other parties and may be subject to application approval, additional terms, conditions and fees.

Industry editions: Industry-specific editions for Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Contractor, and Retail have all the key features of the standard edition of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise plus additional reports and tools tailored to the industry type. Unit of Measure feature not included in the Retail edition. Billing Rate Levels only available in Contractor and Accountant Editions; not available in Nonprofit, Manufacturing & Wholesale, and Retail editions.

List capacity: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise allows you to add up to 1 million names (e.g., customers, vendors, employees) and up to 1 million items (e.g., inventory, non-inventory, and service items). Some performance degradation is likely as your lists approach these size thresholds.

Multi-currency capability: Service provided by Wall Street on Demand. Additional fees may apply. Internet access required.

Multiple monitor use: Up to 3 monitors supported. Not available in a hosted environment. University of Utah study from 2008 indicated that productivity can increase by up to 44% for routine office tasks by upgrading from 18" single monitor to 20" dual monitor configuration.

Smart Help: Enterprise access available 24/7. Available from 6am-6pm Mon-Fri; 6am-3pm Sat (PST) for Pro, Premier, Standard and Plus. Hours exclude occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. Holidays and events beyond our control. Access to messaging with live experts or call back features requires a QuickBooks Care Plan, and internet connection. Care plan is included with Standard, Plus and Enterprise subscriptions. A la carte Annual Care Plan MSRP $299.95.

User licenses: For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, licenses are available in single-user increments from 1 to 10 users or up to 30 users. Fees apply. QuickBooks Online Plus includes 5 user licenses. QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier also require the purchase of a license for each additional user. All copies of QuickBooks must be the same version-year.

Working in two company files at once: Some functionality may be limited when running two files at once.


Membership in Priority Circle and its benefits are available only to U.S. customers who have an active, paid subscription to one of the following products: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks Online Advanced, QuickBooks Full Service Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll, and Desktop Assisted Payroll. Eligibility criteria may apply to certain products. When customers no longer have an active, paid subscription, they will not be eligible to receive benefits. Technical and product support is a benefit of your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription. QuickBooks messaging support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week; U.S. based phone support is available from 6am-6pm M-F; 6am-3pm Sat (PST). Support hours exclude occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. holidays and events beyond our control. Intuit reserves the right to limit each telephone contact to an hour and to one incident. If you go over your $2,000 class training credit, fees will apply. See Subscription Terms & Conditions for details.


Accept credit card payments right in QuickBooks: QuickBooks Payments requires an active QuickBooks account and is subject to eligibility criteria, credit and application approval. QuickBooks Payments is an optional fee-based service. See QuickBooks Payments for QuickBooks Desktop for more information.

The e-Invoicing feature is included with QuickBooks Payments, which is an optional fee-based service.


QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll is included in the Gold and Platinum subscriptions. There are no additional monthly per employee fees. Active subscription, Internet access and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) required. Direct deposit is free for employees. Additional fees may apply for direct deposit for vendors. QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll requires a supported version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise updated to the most current maintenance release. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise supports over 100,000 employees, customers, vendors and other names combined. However, performance may slow when processing files containing more than 150 employees. Support is available Monday-Friday, 6:00 am - 5:00 p.m Pacific Standard Time. Support is limited to set-up and usage questions. Intuit reserves the right to limit support to one hour per one question or issue. 24/7 access is subject to occasional downtime.

File and e-pay taxes features are available for federal and select state taxes. Please check availability at You may need to register with tax agencies in order to use e-file and e-pay features.

Direct deposit to W-2 employees is free, but additional fees apply for direct deposit to 1099 vendors.


The following applies to importing data from Excel, Quicken, Microsoft Office Accounting, and prior QuickBooks versions:

For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (and QuickBooks Pro/Premier): Transfer data directly from Quicken 2016-2019, QuickBooks 4.0-19.0 and Microsoft Excel 2010 SP2 and above.

For QuickBooks Online: Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Word and Excel 2010 SP2 and above or Office 365. Data can be imported from all versions of QuickBooks Desktop. Import from QuickBooks Desktop must be completed within the first 60 days of setting up your new QuickBooks Online account and 1060 days for the QuickBooks Online Accountant's "Your books" file. QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop are TLS1.2 compliant.

Microsoft products sold separately. Word and Excel integration requires Office 2010 SP2 and above, or Office 365. Synchronization with Outlook is also possible with Contact Sync for Outlook 2010 (32-bit) downloadable for free here.

Peachtree data conversion: The data conversion tool works for Peachtree versions 2013 and above. For more details, click here.


All testimonials represent the customer's individual experience. Your results may vary.


More than 135,000 companies and thousands of accountants trust Enterprise: Based on 138,000 active QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscriptions as of October 1, 2018.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is more likely to be recommended, has a higher satisfaction rating, and is easier to do business with than Sage 100/300, Oracle NetSuite, Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics. - Data was sourced from G2 Crowd Fall 2018 Grid® Report for Accounting.

Supporting over 750,000 users of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: Based on active subscriptions as of Jul 1, 2019.

A fraction of the cost of other solutions: Comparison based on pricing of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise vs. mid-market ERP solutions. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise offers many advanced features, such as advanced inventory and reporting. Other advanced features, such as CRM and Human Resource Management, are offered through third party partners for an additional fee. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise does not offer international company capabilities. Pricing models vary across all solutions depending on the individual business needs.


Minimum technical requirements and system requirements can be found here.