Non Profit

QuickBooks for Non-Profit Organization

NGOs require low-cost but quality solutions for smooth day-to-day operations. QuickBooks is designed to be compatible with your challenges and desire for cost-effectiveness hence the solutions are specifically tailored for NGOs.

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit has the same core features included with the standard edition of Enterprise, plus specialized workflows, reports, chart of accounts and expert tips to better serve nonprofit organizations including: Charities & Foundations, Religious Groups, Human Rights Organization, Rural Development Establishments, Child Education and any other non-profit / tax exempt organization.

  • Customized for Nonprofit Accounting
  • Streamline Fundraising Tasks
  • Change Order Functionality
  • Flexible Customization Options
  • The Donor Center 
  • Additional Reports for Nonprofits
    • Budget by Programs
    • Statement of Financial Income & Expense
    • Donors & Grants  
    • Biggest Donors  
    • Statement of Financial Position  
    • Track Employee Hours
  • Nonprofit Chart of Accounts

QuickBooks for non-Profit Organization includes numerous features. With each transaction assigned to an account, you can run nonprofit-specific reports that give you the information you need, exactly the way you need it. Save hours filling out government forms — just transfer the totals from your Enterprise reports and so much more, tailored specifically for your Industry. For smaller organizations we recommend the QuickBooks Premier Unsure what solution best suits your business? Please call us for free guidance

Simple pricing option for your business.

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It is essential to be timely in costing and implementation, delivery and reporting

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It is extremely important to deliver that quality in an end-to-end integrated solution reliable to all parties which depend on the solution for information.

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QuickBooks is designed to be compatible with your challenges and desire for cost-effectiveness hence the solutions are specially tailored for NGOs.

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