The first and only Company working directly with QuickBooks & Sage company since 2010 in Cambodia
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Benefits of Choosing CAS-Biz Technology

Certified, Licensed and Authorized Provider:

CAS-BIZ Technology is the first and only company in Cambodia with the distribution rights for solutions like QuickBooks and Sage Products. We offer only original software with genuine serial numbers suitable for the legality of your business.

High Quality Process and Delivery:

In CAS, we do not embed the quality control process in solutions implementation, but we have an exclusive team of quality control managers led by certified professional who build a quality process and QA framework before the implementation stage of the project. This is our major strength in the business technology industry.

Modern Implementation Methods:

Although CAS applies structured methodologies as suitable for certain application development and implementation procedures, we also adapt modern methodologies and tools to not only match the demand but to create / enhance quality and satisfy our clients. We believe in best practices of Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, working software over comprehensive documentation, Customer collaboration over contract negotiation, responding to change over following a plan, as a part of our own development culture.

Firm industrial solution Experience:

The CAS team hails from years of experience in numerous industries ranging from medical, consumer electronics to government. This is why we are the first and only company in Cambodia to have developed application integration with QuickBooks to enable our local customers print forms and receipts in the government required format.

Engagement Model Flexibility:

CAS considers customer-focused factors before engagements. We offer several engagement models tailored at satisfying customers needs of budget conformation, payment structure and quality delivery. CAS also allows for clients to decide how they want it. After all, the decision or choice of business and accounting solutions would be driven by factors arising from the quest for cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. We understand your needs and strive to work within reasonable budgets while still delivering quality so as to satisfy clients and in turn boost our own profile.

Customer-Focused Strategies:

We ensure that the solution perfectly complements existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision of our client, thereby ensuring we deliver solutions beyond expectations. Consequently, our numerous customers remain our partners even beyond project duration.

Value-Based Solutions:

A lot more can be achieved within IT budgets as a result of our extremely competitive cost structure, made possible through our extended resource center in Cambodia. Here, Organizations worldwide can use the tool of remote application hosting to effectively ensure the security, safety and availability of your data anytime anywhere, while significantly boosting the efficiency of your business.

Faster Turnaround Time:

With our thorough analysis of your business, we are able to estimate a return on your investment in our solutions. Usually for most of our clients they cut significant cost and rip the benefits within two years.

Timely Support:

Besides our timely delivery of solutions, we are also available to provide support to our clients remotely and onsite. This means much to customers with fewer or no technical staff.

Other reasons why clients may make CAS their ultimate choice would be:

  • A highly collaborative culture
  • Technical competence
  • Good Requirement Analysis
  • International Language Proficiency