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Avast Business
Avast Business Pro
Avast Business Pro Plus
File Shield: Stops ransomware, viruses, and other malware attacks
Web Shield: Scans website, Twitter & Facebook links before you click
Email Shield: Scans your email and removes suspicious content, code and infected attachments
Behavior Shield: Cloud supported, real-time monitoring of all running programs
Firewall: Crowd-sourced, white-listed data for better outbound protection
Anti-Spam: Keeps your inbox free of spam
SmartScan: One-click scan for malware, software updates, network problems & performance improvement
Sandbox: Virtualized, isolated environment to test files risk-free
Wi-Fi Inspector: Scans whole networks for vulnerable devices and compromised services with step-by-step remediation
Real Site: End DNS hijacking, always visit the intended site
Rescue Disk: Clean reboot even when the OS is non-functioning
Cyber Capture: Cloud-based smart scanner to Identify and isolate threats more quickly
Avast Online Security: Browser plug-ins to help keep a safe and secure online experience
SafeZone browser: Isolates a browser session to prevent eavesdropping or key logging
Software Updater: Remove vulnerabilities, keeps 3rd party applications up-to-date
Data Shredder: Removes files absolutely and permanently
Exchange protection: Optimized protection for Exchange Servers, filters out malicious emails
Sharepoint Protection: Optimized protection for Sharepoint Servers, scans files before upload
Passwords: Password management across all your devices, optional form auto-fill
SecureLine VPN: Provides extra security and protects your privacy on wifi and public networks
Browser Cleanup: Scans browser add-ons, extensions, toolbars & search engines and allows you to easily disable or remove them