Confidential Bookkeeping

This is one more way through which we simplify customers' success. Our combination of professional accounting expertise, technical knowledge and bookkeeping experience has become increasingly important as organizations continue to face new and complex challenges. Due to this growing relevance, we offer comprehensive accounting services to companies who wish to outsource their accounting function.

Bookkeeping Service is a time-consuming work requiring systematic execution, which eventually helps in smooth running of the company. With CAS-BIZ Technology professional accounting and bookkeeping services, it becomes easier to track sales, purchase orders and lot more in the following main categories:

This category is a product of financial accounting which keeps track of your company’s financial transactions. It contains subtasks determined by industry. For example, a hotel requires a profit and loss statement and will get that service accordingly while in many NGOs (Non-Profit Organisations / Non-Governmental Organizations) this statement is not referred to as “Profit and Loss” but rather as “Statement of Income and Expense” or “Statement of Financial Position”. Hence the accurate report produced from this service may include one or more of the following

  • Profit and Loss
  • Income Statement / Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
Organizations are shaped by many activities that usually translate into expenses. Many at times they are unable to keep track of which department / activity is taking what percentage of their expenses. Our financial analysis helps to determine and compare these expenses and advise accordingly over a period of time (usually months). For example, if stationery is taking over 60% of the organization’s expenses, this is abnormal even for a small business. The financial analysis summary indicates these abnormalities which are vital for decision makers, and also help to departmentalize an organization’s budgets by tasks.
In this process we match the balances in your company’s cash account to the bank statements to determine differences, record these differences and reconcile both records accordingly.
This has to do with counting the cash in hand on a company’s petit cash. Many at times the money declared at hand is different from actual available cash in hand therefore the counting will deliver an accurate Cash Count Sheet which is important information for financial decision makers in the company.

It is apparent that improper bookkeeping attracts consequences including wasted time and resources to redo flawed financial reports, losses to the company and even legal trouble in some cases. There are many legal aspects associated with bookkeeping services in Cambodia, none of which should be ignored. With our experienced and dedicated team of accounting professionals, our bookkeeping services will manage your accounts as per the required standards put forth by corporate governing authorities. Our confidential bookkeeping services are industry specific, tailor-made and professionally delivered in an organized manner. Besides a highly comprehensive process which begins with requirement analysis to understand your business and your needs, other benefits derived from CAS-BIZ Technology Bookkeeping include:

  • Professional Consulting     
  • Utmost accuracy of data     
  • Orderliness of reports     
  • Adherence to Global Standards     
  • Thorough understanding of the Cambodian business environment