Level up your professional services

Power your professional services business with real-time insights, project profitability, and automated workflows—all with QuickBooks Online Advanced.
Level up your professional services

Take a first step to simplify your business success.

Let us simplify your success. With an in-depth knowledge of accounting, business technologies, and combined expertise in QuickBooks and Sage software along with experience in a variety of best practices for specific industries; CAS-BIZ Technology team delivers consistent, consultative value on every interaction. Our appeal hails from our unique ability to simplify your success by providing technological solutions to complex business and accounting problems while absorbing intricate procedures from your daily task. Our solutions are focused on real value to the customer thus we provide consulting service either as a part of our business software solution or as an exclusive service applicable to all industries including but not limited to:


Increase your product and service output through business technology

Modern agriculture is highly dependent on technology hence a direct correlation between output efficiency and performance. We scale your agriculture solution beyond product based to service oriented processes. We also provide remote application hosting for possibility of data access through convenient devices anytime anywhere.


Apply tomorrow’s solutions today

Educational institutions are challenged with record keeping and accounting for a growing number of records. Some are compelled to redo/change their accounting systems every now and then. We provide the easiest ways to handle this while avoiding potential future problems of latency and low throughput. CAS-BIZ Technology consulting is planned out to meet your Educational Solution needs accordingly.

Hotel and Tourism.

Track your customers and agents

The growing demand for hospitality services has put enormous pressure on hotels, transportation, and tourism. Hotels, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Tour companies are quickly adopting modern methods in running their businesses to cope with these rapid changes. In CAS-BIZ Technology, we consider this exponential trend while treating every entity and implementation uniquely hence our consulting service lays down quality assurance framework for implementing the best solutions per specific case.


Not sure which solution is best for you?

Supermarkets and Shopping Malls are strained by longer queues with the mandatory urge to deliver quality and efficiency, all in legally undisputed solutions that work for customers, staff, and management alike. Whether you choose traditional product scanning or modern methods, you have the option to integrate the best business accounting solutions by CAS-BIZ Technology to suit your purpose.


Track and bill your patients efficiently

It is very critical for Hospitals and Clinics to be robust in the implementation and persistent use of information technology in business. Our remote app solutions make it possible to implement business accounting solutions without risk of data corruption or loss.


Proper costing for construction projects.

This is one of the most vital services to economic growth. It is essential to be timely in costing and implementation, delivery and reporting. Our solutions can help you handle accounting for all levels of your construction projects and keep proper records of every transaction related to every project.


Seamlessly integrate your solutions

It is extremely important to deliver that quality in an end-to-end integrated solution reliable to all parties which depend on the solution for information. At CAS-BIZ Technology, we strive to understand your business and your unique needs then we implement the best by your choice or by the most suitable option(s) for your business.

Financial Institutions

Ensure accuracy for your records and reports

Our solutions cover tax returns, payroll, inventory, stocks, invoices, receipts, customer records and so much more. Whether you opt for a smaller solution or a whole ERP, CAS-BIZ Technology is your perfect partner

Civil Service (Government)

Create forms in accordance with Government Requirements

Government institutions use our solutions for their payroll, cash flow and report generating. We have also created the first ever integrated solution for government required forms. Even if you had been using other less effective methods to achieve this goal.

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Track your biggest Donors and Grants effectively

NGOs require low-cost but quality solutions for smooth day-to-day operations. At CAS-BIZ Technology, we understand your challenges and desire for cost-effectiveness hence we have solutions specifically tailored for NGOs

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