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CAS-BIZ Technology Company Profile

Business Accounting Solutions have been the building block of all companies’ success small and large. In South East Asia, there is a growing number of emerging business in need of solutions but less so than cutting-edge business solutions based on simplicity, professionalism, maintainability and affordability.

CAS-BIZ Technology Established in 2010 and headquartered in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is rooted as a business software solutions company. We offer consulting, business and accounting software as well as training to all industries including healthcare, education, telecommunication, retail, Agriculture, government and NGOs, and began offering professional solution services from the onset.

CAS-BIZ Technology has successfully completed over 100 solutions for our clients. Through the successful implementation of these solutions, we have accumulated extensive experience in an assortment of business services including: Business Analysis, Business and Accounting Software Solutions, Remote Application Hosting, Software Support and Training and Integrated Solutions. These implementations have also enabled us to learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients who have varying needs.

We realize that your business must keep pace with the speedy requirements of a rapidly growing technological environment, and we believe that your ideas and enterprises deserve substantial reinvention. We address these changing needs of your business with solutions that are not only cost-effective but also fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable. Traditional business technology solutions are promoted on the premise of price wars alone, while CAS-BIZ Technology Solution is built on the idea of quality, originality, legality, skilled knowledge and the notion of supporting customers as our own very partners.

World-class certified talent and proven best practices allow us to deliver advanced business technology solutions at a great value. The applications deployed on behalf of our customers combine the best of both custom and off-the-shelf software. This affords our clients the opportunity to apply tailored solutions on standard qualities. The total cost of ownership for software implemented in this manner is reduced, while functionality, quality and maintainability are enhanced.

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From the MD: Sambatt Chey