Limited time. 50% OFF QuickBooks for 3 months.*
Limited time. 50% OFF QuickBooks for 3 months.*

CAS-BIZ Technology Hosting Service meets your needs

Too busy to handle things onsite? Little or no secure IT infrastructure? Little or no technical knowledge to handle complicated software? Worry No More. Our hosting service addresses all these issues and more. We understand how the availability of your app and data directly affects your business efficiency. This is why we provide app hosting service to our customers to give full 24/7 convenient access to app and data on any device including mobile devices while protecting your data from theft and corruption.
This means you have full access to your QuickBooks reports on the move. Advantages of hosting your app and data with CAS-BIZ Technology include but are not limited to Availability, Reliability, Accessibility, Efficiency, and overall Peace of mind.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service

  • Availability Zero Downtime, 24/7 working with your software

  • Security High security of your data

  • Instant Support Ultimate support with no wait time

  • Accessibility Access your data anytime from anywhere, through the internet

  • Compatibility Accessing from any Devices (Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Pads and others mobile devices)

  • Peace of Mind With triple back up of your data every day

  • No Technical Knowledge Required Nothing more to learn, just use it.

  • No additional software needs No installations on your device.

  • No high-end technology No IT network infrastructure need.