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FaceAzure Online is here
Secure, fast, and easy compliant tax invoice printing

FaceAzure Online is here
Easily translate your QuickBooks Online data into Khmer

FaceAzure Online is here
Flexible Exchange rate (GDT/NBC/NSSF/Manual)

FaceAzure Online is simple and makes it easy to stay compliant. It's the key to a successful and compliant business. Contact us today to get it at no cost.

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<div style="text-align: center;">FaceAzure Online is here<br />
Secure, fast, and easy compliant tax invoice printing</div>

Advanced QuickBooks Solution Provider

Trusted Partner of Intuit QuickBooks since 2010 certified to provide License, IT Support and Troubleshooting, Product Usage Support, Training, and Implementation service in Cambodia.

Advanced QuickBooks Solution Provider
Advanced QuickBooks Solution Provider


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QuickBooks Desktop
• Easy Mange Customer, Vendor, Inventory, Costing
• Support within range from 1 to 40 users
• Tailored to your industry
• Manage Multi Warehouses with Advanced Inventory*
• Manage Price Levels and Price Roles Advanced Pricing 
• Over 150 Specific Industry reports built-in
• Access anywhere at anytime using Cloud Technology

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more with our 


Now FaceAzure
50%* OFF

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FaceAzure Desktop
• Print Multiple Invoices & Other forms
• Print Invoice in Khmer Language with Khmer Currency
• Manageable Exchange Rate (GDT/NBC/NSSF/Manual)
• Customize your Invoice according to GDT format
• Payrolls Management with Customizable Pay slip
• Easy Generate Monthly Tax with E-Filing
• Generate CIFRS for SMEs and Standard reports in Khmer 

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FaceAzure Online Localize Solution for QuickBooks Online

 FaceAzure Online is a revolutionary cloud-based Tax Invoice printing platform that allows small companies to take Control of their accounting needs. FaceAzure Online is an integrated online application that connects seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to enable you to get your tax invoices done fast and easy, saving you time, money and effort.

FaceAzure Online Localize Solution for QuickBooks Online

Faceazure Online

•  Making it easy to translate your QuickBooks Online data in to Khmer
•  Secure, fast and easy compliant tax invoice printing
•  Batch Form Printing and Previewing
•  Flexible Exchange rate (NBC/NSSF/Manual)
•  Easily Manage Users, Roles and Permissions
•  Keep your critical data safe and secure
•  and much more
FaceAzure Online Localize Solution for QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

• Easy Manage Customers, Vendors, Inventory, Costing
• Support within range from 1 to 25 users
• Access from anywhere at anytime using any devices
• Track Project Profitability
• Easy Manage and Pay bills
• Track income and expense
• Invoice and accept Payment
• Manage cash flow

The most affordable solution for accessing your QuickBooks software from anywhere at any time.

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New QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale offers more. It’s built for your retail business. 

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The best protection for your financial data and devices from any cyber attack.

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Compress, Encrypt, Package
and Backup with only one utility.

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Certiport Solution Providers

Certiport Solution Providers

A Pearson VUE business, is dedicated to providing millions of certification exams each year in 148 countries and 26 languages. Certiport has a network of Solution Providers that provide in-country support for our customers outside the United States.

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