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Customer prepayments*

Easily record and track customer prepayments and deposits on sales orders. Then automatically apply the payments when sales orders are converted to an invoice. You’ll also be able to build customer trust by sharing proof of payment. And when it comes to accounting, you can record prepayments as a current liability instead of accounts receivable.

Item category enhancements

Now you can manage inventory more effectively with comprehensive multi-level categorization. Improve your productivity with enhanced search, add, edit, and delete options. Save time with bulk edits and by copying and pasting from Microsoft Excel to add or edit multiple list entries. You can now set granular pricing rules by categories in Advanced pricing to help improve the bottom line.*

Inventory reports enhancements*

Gain insights, stay on top of sales, and control inventory costs using a hierarchical view of categories in “Inventory Valuation Summary,” “Inventory Stock Status by Item,” and “Sales by Item Summary” reports. Additionally, an “Inventory Valuation Summary by Site” report includes component quantity used on assemblies and pending builds to help you maintain optimal levels of inventory. You can also track inventory of products developed in the same batch with a report on “Inventory Stock Status by Lot Numbers.”

Integrated 401(k) retirement plans*

Invest in your team by offering affordable 401(k) retirement plans that cover administration, investment management, and tax filing through our partnership with Guideline.* The plans are fully integrated with QuickBooks, so you can set them up quickly and take advantage of tax credits. You can schedule automatic contributions or let employees decide on the amount deducted from each paycheck.
*Additional 401(k) plan fees will apply.

Enhanced security & improved encryption

You can be confident your data is protected with our enhanced security using industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption.* QuickBooks safeguards your reputation by protecting critical customer and vendor data, such as business financials, banking information, and credit card details. And you can extend the same top-of-the-line encryption of your business data from your desktop to the cloud, when you use online backup* or cloud hosting.*

Seamless product updates

Now your work will never be interrupted by a product update. QuickBooks installs them quietly in the background. Plus, you can easily learn when product updates are available as well as what’s in them so you can decide when to install.

Improved search of item lists

Power users can now work faster by using enhanced search to find specific items within a large list of memorized transactions, fixed assets, or payroll items. You can also edit transactions and items by quickly using the search functionality, rather than manually scrolling to find them.