QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: A smarter way to do business.

With remote access,* QuickBooks Enterprise can manage inventory, reporting, sales, time tracking, and payroll from anywhere.
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Retailers thrive with an ecosystem of features, apps, and integrations

Retail businesses use QuickBooks Enterprise’s customizations and connected apps for e-commerce, maintaining their database, and tracking where sales originate.

E-commerce integration*

Simplify e-commerce management, avoid stockouts, and gain a clearer picture of your profitability by integrating QuickBooks with top online stores and marketplaces. Inventory counts update with every sale, regardless of how many channels you sell in. Easily add product listings across channels, and work with your preferred shipping provider right in QuickBooks.

Bill and PO workflow approvals*

Manage cash flow and boost transparency with customizable bill workflow approvals. One dashboard lets you maintain cash flow oversight and track bills that need approval. Easily set up approval workflows that cater to your business with out-of-the-box templates.

Schedule and pay bills faster with QuickBooks*

Save time by scheduling and paying bills in QuickBooks. Use the funding source you choose and a digital or physical form your vendors prefer.* QuickBooks automatically marks the bill paid and notifies you once the money is sent. Gain financial flexibility by paying vendors from a card or bank transfer, then having the money sent via physical check or bank transfer.

Choose from multiple email contacts

Send emails more quickly by choosing the right recipients from a list of customer or vendor contacts. Reduce errors and miscommunication from manually entering email addresses.

Retail chart of accounts

Get a better outlook on your business and on tax season with an industry-specific chart of accounts. Organize your information the way you want to see it, customized with the accounts and settings you need.

Custom price levels

Create up to 750 price levels for any item. Or take total control over your pricing strategy with Advanced Pricing.*

Total any column on sales and purchases

Reduce tedious work and manual data-entry errors by totaling quantities and custom fields, like weight, on sales forms. Verify you’re ordering the correct amount without having to manually total quantities on purchase orders.

Barcode label prices*

Now you can provide greater pricing visibility to customers and employees alike by including sales prices on barcodes in addition to the item name and description.

Industry-specific report bundles

Enterprise comes with 14 built-in retail-specific reports that help you see where you stand in every area of your business. In addition, Advanced Reporting* allows you to create your own custom reports from scratch using the raw data in QuickBooks. If the data is in QuickBooks, you can report on it to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Gross margin by inventory item

If your company records each sales transaction, you can see gross margin by inventory item to gain an understanding of which items are most–and least– profitable so you can adjust your prices to improve margins.

Monthly sales by customer

This report allows you to determine your best customers and their sales activity over the last year, so you can ensure you have items in stock to satisfy their needs as well as the insights you need to sell more.

Purchase volume by vendor

Keep track of which vendors you purchase the most goods from. This report is gives you the insights you need when you’re negotiating prices or considering purchases from new vendors.

Sales graph

Need an easy-to-understand visual representation of sales? The sales graph report gives you exactly that. You’ll see your sales by month and which items, customers, or sales reps bring in the most revenue so you can make adjustments to improve income.

Vendor returns detail

See which goods are most commonly returned to each vendor so you can eliminate low-performing items and improve your product mix to satisfy customers.

Alternate vendor reports

Increase your visibility into all available vendors by listing them in key inventory reports like inventory stock status by item and inventory valuation summary. See outstanding purchase orders and compare contracts and pricing across vendors. Batch-import vendor price lists. Plus, you can simplify ordering from alternate vendors by easily accessing them in frequently used reports.

Inventory categorization and expiration dates*

Establish up to four levels of categorization on inventory and save time by using categories to report on items. Keep your inventory up to date, sell more quickly, and reduce business losses by assigning expiration dates so you can turn your inventory when you need to. Plus, you can help reduce business liability by conveying expiration dates across customer communications.