QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: A smarter way to do business.

With remote access,* QuickBooks Enterprise can manage inventory, reporting, sales, time tracking, and payroll from anywhere.
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Job Costing Center

The Job Costing Center gives you a snapshot of how your business is doing overall. It summarizes key information on one dashboard. Drill down into the details to see which projects are the most profitable, or which ones need your attention.

Track costs automatically

Enterprise saves you time and effort by letting you assign material costs to projects as soon as expenses are incurred. Easily attach employee digital timesheet entries to a project. Enterprise does the calculations for your reports and invoices so you’re in control of your costs.

Find expenses not assigned to jobs

Enterprise gives you visibility into all expenses not currently assigned to a job so you can make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Flexible billing rates

Assign different hourly rates to different employees. Assign one rate for your foreman and another for your workers. There are no limits on the number of different rates, which are reflected automatically on invoices as well as job cost and profitability report

Easily manage change orders

Eliminate surprises for your clients with accurate, complete estimates, including change orders. Track and highlight changes to existing estimates, showing all change orders and the resulting cost impact, every time.

Committed costs by job report

The committed costs by job report lets you see how much you’ve spent by project, how much you still need to spend to completion, and how far over or under budget you are. It even tracks non-posting costs like open purchase orders and unpaid wages.

Work-in-progress report

The work-in-progress report lets you see the percent complete of each line item in your estimate. It gives you up-to-the-minute information on expected and actual revenue for jobs in progress and tells you what you can invoice for right now.

Job costs by job

This report lets you see where your money is going by giving you a summary view of job-related expenses for each job you’re working on.

Employee time tracking

Whether you have workers on multiple job sites, in the field, or multiple offices, everyone can use QuickBooks Time on their mobile devices to track time. Geofencing* gives employees alerts to clock in or out when entering or leaving a job site. And there’s no need to manually comb through timesheets to enter hours in your payroll system – tracked time is imported into QuickBooks with one click to save you time and stop errors. *Formerly TSheets Elite; per-employee fees apply.

Get profitability insights at a glance

See at a glance which projects – and which team members – bring in the most revenue. An interactive dashboard shows you profitability by customer, project, staff, and service. You can modify to show profitability by geography, customer fields, and more.

Bill by multiple hourly rates

No matter how many different hourly rates your team bills at, Enterprise can handle it. Costs are calculated automatically based on each employee’s unique hourly rate—and reflected that way on client invoices. You can assign different billing rates by client, project, or service. Consolidated invoices will reflect billable amounts by hours worked, flat fee arrangements, or a combination of both methods.

Calculate costs automatically

Assign material costs to projects at the time expenses are incurred. Easily attach digital timesheet entries to a project. Enterprise does the calculations for your project cost and profitability reports and invoices so you’re in control of your costs.

Track unbilled hours and expenses

Get visibility into all your expenses, including hours worked that are not currently assigned to a project. Add unbilled hours to your next invoice. See unbilled hours by person, project, service, client, or any combination of these.

Track project progress and profitability

Zero in on progress and profitability for specific projects. At any time, you can quickly determine if a project is scheduled to finish on time and if costs will meet, exceed, or fall below your forecasted plan

View all project costs by project

See where all the money is going with a summary view of project-related expenses for each project.

Employee time tracking

With QuickBooks Time Elite,* time tracking won’t be time consuming. When you have employees at multiple client sites, everyone can use QuickBooks Time Elite on their laptop or mobile device to clock in and out. Then tracked time is imported into QuickBooks with one easy click, saving you time and cutting down on manual entry errors. *Formerly TSheets Elite; per-employee fees apply.